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Tipsme is a personalized online tip jar for everyone. Receive tips via QR codes or NFC accessories.

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How It Works

Start collecting tips, it's very simple!

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Quick Registration

Quick Registration streamlines the sign-up process, enabling users to set up an account rapidly with minimal hassle.


Create Tip Jar

Create a personal or business profile by adding details about yourself and your occupation. It helps your customers in identifying you.


Share Your Jar Link

Generate QR codes or order the appropriate types of accessories, such as cards and table stands, equipped with NFC chips to accept payments.


Start Earning Tips

Provide your accessory to receive tips online, and use the our platform to manage and withdraw your earnings.

Why Tipsme?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Tipsme

Receive Tips Effortlessly

Receive tips from any credit or debit card, or any payment system such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Track Transactions and Balances

Stay in control of your earnings with our intuitive dashboard and reporting features.

Withdraw Funds with Ease

Transfer your earned tips directly to your preferred destination like Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or Stripe.

Share Your Profile Anywhere

Generate QR codes to easily share your tipping jar online and expand your tipping community.

Boost with Accessories

Choose from a wide range of accessories to accept tips

Personalized NFC or QR Code Card

Get a personalized NFC card, enabling your customers to easily tap or scan a QR code to leave a tip.

QR Code

Print or download your profile's QR Code. Customers can scan this code to conveniently send you a tip

Table NFC Stand

Enhance your customer interactions with our Table NFC Stands, enabling seamless and contactless payments.

Tipsme Accessories

Company Facts

Join our 800+ happy clients and start receiving tips today!


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Positive Reviews

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.

“As a musician performing at various venues, Tipsme has significantly enhanced how I receive gratuities. The variety of accessories for tip collection is impressive, and sharing my online link for virtual gigs has made tipping effortless for my audience. An absolute must-have for artists.”

Noah Wilson


“With Tipsme, managing my earnings from tips is effortless. The platform offers detailed insights, making it easier to track my income. It's reliable, secure, and incredibly convenient for salon professionals looking to optimize their financial flow.”

Isabella Martinez

Hair Stylist

“Setting up my profile with Tipsme's Quick Registration was straightforward and fast. It's been a fantastic tool for my fitness clients to recognize and reward my services. The platform is user-friendly, and the immediate tip receiving feature is phenomenal”

Ava Johnson

Personal Trainer

“Adopting Tipsme for my freelance business has been a game-changer. The QR code feature allows my clients to tip me for my designs instantly. It adds a professional touch and simplifies transactions, making the tipping experience seamless for both parties.”

Liam Thompson

Freelance Graphic Designer

“Customer service at Tipsme is top-notch. They were incredibly supportive as I integrated their tipping solution into my services. The NFC card system has made it simpler for my passengers to leave gratuities, enhancing their riding experience and my earnings.”

Ethan Brown

Taxi Driver

“The customer service at Tipsme is outstanding. Any questions I had were promptly answered, and the team provided excellent support throughout the setup process. It's refreshing to see a platform that truly values its users and their success.”

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist


Manage all your tips, accessories & budgets in one place.

Tips is available to download from both App Store and Google Play Store.

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